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Reg Bloor solo:

--02/06/2015 at GEORGE SANDS RECORD RELEASE SHOW at Bohemian Grove, 64-66 Grove St, Brooklyn, NY with George Sand, Greasy Grass and Rachel Trachtenburg

--08/03/2014 at the OFF FESTIVAL in Katowice, Poland with Glenn Branca, Evan Zyporin, Etienne Jaumet, NISENNENMONDAI + TBA Tickets

--07/21/2014 8pm Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave Ridgewood (Queens), NY with 11pm George Sand, 10pm Heroes of Toolik and 9pm Slack Bow

--05/16/2014 RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY NEW YORK FESTIVAL Knockdown Center HARDCORE ACTIVITY IN PROGRESS Queens, NY with Tim Hecker, Napalm Death, Gunplay, The Thing, Wolf Eyes, Regis, Bastard Noise, Lubomyr Melnyk, Skullflower, Joe McPhee/Chris Corsano, Okkyung Lee, Clipping, Yoshiko Ohara, Gnaw

--05/26/2014 119 GALLERY's Memorial Day BBQ Lowell, MA. with Letter Castle, Bent Knee, Speed Trials, Sawtooth, Thoughts About The Pyramids, I'd M Thfft Able, Andrea Pensado-Jen gelineau-Steph Lak trio
DJs - DJ BOOF & Lee Martin


--01/26/2014 Studio at Webser Hall NYC with Little Fox, Britt Reagan, Robb Tennant &Whitney Lockert
--12/17/2013 Trash Bar Brooklyn, NY with Whitney Lockert, What Moon Things, Sleeper Hit
--10/02/2013 Trash Bar Brooklyn, NY - with Lubricoma, Usurp The King, Traffic Moving Well
--06/10/2013 Silent Barn Brookyln, NY - with SCOWL, I Say Fuck and GFY
--09/08/2012 Spectrum NYC - with Explosive Improvised Device
--04/15/2012 Bar Matchless Brooklyn, NY -with Painted Faces and Alien Trilogy
--02/09/2012 Saint Vitus Bar Brooklyn, NY -with The Body and Braveyoung
--11/05/2011 Griffin Theater Salem, MA. -Sonorium V with Josh Baker, Auddity, Dei Xhrist/I'd M Thefft Able/Crank Sturgeon and Work/Death
--09/08/2011 eGarage Long Island City, NY -Power of Words with Enfo
--04/07/2011 Kent Place School Summit, NJ -Visiting Artist Series
--03/13/2011 Silent Barn Queens, NY -with Altaar, Deathcrush, Benn Miller, Explosive Improvised Device, Neg-Fi
--10/02/2010 The Charleston Brooklyn, NY -with DBCR, Death in Custody, and Miscegenator
--10/01/2010 119 Gallery Lowell, MA -With Blue Sausage Infant, Astma, Violet, and ANDREA PENSADO
--07/10/2010 Silent Barn (Basement) Queens, NY -with Nancy Garcia, Ben Miller/Degeneration, Neg-Fi
--06/19/2010 Le Poisson Rouge NYC -Glenn Branca (Solo Harmonics Guitar), "135 Grand St New York 1979" film screening, and DJ Sickrock
--05/23/2010 Public Assembly (back) Brooklyn, NY -ZONA Monthly With Something About Death Or Dying, DBCR, and Beau Finley
--05/05/2010 Cake Shop NYC -CINCO DE MAYO DE SICKO with Ben Miller/Degeneration and Slasher Risk
--02/04/2010 Alphabet Lounge NYC - with Hot War, The 1000 Year Plan, Jay Double Okay
--09/17/2009 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, NJ -with SubArachnoid Space, OvO, Human Adult Band, and Sonic Suicide Squad
--09/11/2009 Le Poisson Rouge NYC -with Glenn Branca and Excerpts from the film "135 Grand St. New York 1979" by Ericka Beckman
--08/29/2009 Monkeytown Brooklyn, NY - with William Hooker and Lonely Ghost
--08/11/2009 Public Assembly Brooklyn, NY -ZONA Monthly with Straight, No Chaser, Haunted Castle, Antares
--07/25/2009 Brighton Bar Long Branch, NJ -Luminescence Fest with Bone Tooth Horn, Phasmida, Hunted Creatures, Tusk Lord, Mike Tamburo,
Jason Zeh, Teeth Collection, Anthony Saunders, Nicholas Ceparski
--05/07/2009 Issue Project Room Brooklyn, NY -with Glenn Branca and Neg-Fi

--03/20/2009 SXSW at Headhunters Austin, TX -with Peelander-Z, Japanther, Gagakirise, Orphan, Yuppies, Teeners, Bad sports

--01/16/2009 Issue Project Room Brooklyn, NY -with BOB WARNER/DAVE DISMUKES/EMILY HRAMER TRIO
--10/15/2008 Cake Shop NYC -with Ben Miller and Twisty Cat
--09/21/2008 The Delancey NYC
--07/25/2008 Goodbye Blue Monday Brooklyn, NY -with Ben Miller/Degeneration and Freddi Price
--05/22/2008 Issue Project Room Brooklyn, NY -with Glenn Branca
--03/22/2008 Death By Audio Brooklyn, NY -NIGHT OF LIVE AKTION Series #2 with Terrible Eagle, Slasher Risk, Axolotl

--12/13/2007 Buffalo Bar London, UK -Presented by Artrocker with Hands on Heads, Electricity in Our Homes, and The Sticks
--12/08/2007 ATP-NBC Minehead, UK - with Glenn Branca, curated by Portishead

--11/03/2007 Silent Barn Queens, NY - with Insect Factory, Religious Knives, Heavy Winged
--09/21/2007 Goodbye Blue Monday Brooklyn, NY - with Noveller
--05/31/2007 Water St. Lounge Brooklyn, NY - with William Hooker and Lonely Ghost
--02/21/2007 Siberia NYC
--09/12/2006 The Delancey NYC - BEG YR PARDON 8 with Sonar, Bosola, Stay Fucked and DJ Neg-Fi
--08/28/2006 Club Midway NYC -with Holy Fingers, Monark
--08/20/2006 Lucky Cat Brooklyn, NY - with Somadrome, Eats Tapes, Radio Shock
--08/01/2006 Europa Brooklyn, NY - with Social Standards, Bronx is Burning