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“Elevator to hell.”
Przemyslaw Gulda, Lukasz Kaminski, Robert Sankowski, Jedrzej llodkowski, Ja - Gazeta Wyborcza

"…leave(s) the starting gate with all pedals to the metal ... the heavily effected screeching, flailing drumming, and calculatedly manic time mangling continue more or less unabated until the end."
Barry Cleveland - Guitar Player

"Seething with treble, technically formidable, and crashingly dissonant, Paranoid Critical Revolution was another of those acts that create far more of a racket than would seem possible for a two piece."
Nate Dorr - Impose Magazine

"It’s like part black metal, part no wave, and part nuclear holocaust."
MP Lockwood - No Core

"Viscerally powerful, musical, precise. No time or anything else was wasted."
Ken Weathersby - The Neutral

"EVIL guitar / drum sickness, a phenomenally loud shrieking beast...instrument as pure apocalypse."
Cloudboy - Rottenmeats

"Whoa. That was pretty intense, to say the least."
Mike Watt - The Watt From Pedro Show

"I'm digging the Paranoid Critical Revolution CD - (Reg)'s a killer gtrist."
Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth

And check out the interview with Reg Bloor by Scott Collins for Guitar Muse

Here's an interview in Polish with Glenn Branca and Reg Bloor.